Tomorrow's Champions Live Here!
At Rosenol , the horses are the main focus of our facility. We take pride in standing quality stallions with athleticism , conformation, quality , temperament and trainability; and producing foals who possess these attributes as well. We mainly train for the jumper ring, but we also turn out excellent hunter and dressage mounts, not to mention life long loving partners! 

Welcome to the herd! Please have a look through the links above to see all of the current residents here at RPH! Inquiries always welcome! Jump back to the main page at any time by clicking the logo at the top of the page! 
Lana Smith ~ Home: 250-963-3320 ~ Cell:250-301-1281
Prince George, British Columbia


Certainly we need great movers and powerful jumpers, but above all we need a partner, not a slave. We need horses that are supremely courageous, fiercely independent and phenomenally agile. Find such a horse and treasure him. Teach him that you will trust him with your life. Give him the education he will need, and then sit quietly while he does the job that you very skillfully and patiently taught him. He won't let you down. We owe all this and more to our horses.

Our Horses  
Very proud to announce that our 2 home-bred, Canadian born stallion prospects have been licensed by CWHBA.  Nirvana RPH and Atlas RPH will be available to select mares in 2017.